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7th Heaven Natural Face Masks

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7th Heaven Natural Face Masks – A Review


Nowadays everyone knows that many skin care products are made with more chemicals than they are good stuff. This is one of the main reasons why I have become much more selective in my skin care regimen and what I use on my face.

And while I am a fan of inexpensive beauty products that really work — who isn’t, right? — I’m sad to say that finding those products can be a rare thing.

One brand, however, actually is effective and affordable, 7th Heaven natural face masks. 

7th Heaven Natural Face Masks

Formerly known as Montagne Jeunesse, 7th Heaven, makes a variety of natural facial masks and peels.

Even if you haven’t heard of them before, perhaps you recognize the packaging from your local Walmart or ULTA. They come in those bright, colorful, one-time use packets that are affordable enough to buy several at a time.

Natural Ingredients from Plant and Mineral Sources

Each 7th Heaven face mask is made with natural ingredients derived from plant and mineral sources, and with minimal processing.

The masks are all vegetarian-certified, cruelty-free, and safe for all skin types. Many are even suitable for vegans, and they are all Leaping Bunny certified!


Types of 7th Heaven Face Masks

7th Heaven face masks offers six different types of masks, each available in a variety of “flavors”.

These six categories include:

  • Peel Off
  • Mud
  • Self-Heat
  • Exfoliating
  • Fabric Serum Infused
  • Fabric Clay Infused.

Each mask comes in a single use packet and retails for about $1.99. That is a great price, especially since each sachet contains more than enough product to cover your face and neck.

How Well Do 7th Heaven Face Masks Work?

For over a year now I’ve been using both the Argan Oil Mud and the Tea Tree Peel Off masks, and I am still just as happy with the results as I was when I first tried their masks.

However, I’ve recently tried several others including the Cucumber Peel Off, Dead Sea Peel Off, Dead Sea Mud Pac and the Exfoliator & Mask.


7th Heaven Cucumber Peel Off Mask

Pulped Cucumbers and juiced Citrus (lime) give your skin a blast of freshness and helps remove dirt and grime.

7th Heaven Dead Sea Peel Off Mask

Dead Sea Salt together with Seaweed and Chamomile work to clean and purify your skin. The Chamomile soothes your skin, while Seaweed fights free radicals, leaving skin feeling healthy and revitalized!

7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac Mask

Nutrient-rich minerals from the Dead Sea including Dead Sea salt, are combined with seaweed and lavender to help draw out impurities and open blocked pores for clean, soft skin while leaving you feeling relaxed and your skin feeling nourished.

7th Heaven Exfoliator & Mask

Black Lava, Orange Peel and Dead Sea Salt brightens dull skin and gives it a healthier, younger look by removing dead skin cells and improving circulation. Natural Orange Oil refreshes and revives your skin!


Where Can You Find 7th Heaven Face Masks?

Want to try 7th Heaven Natural Face Masks for yourself? They can be found at Walmart, Target and many other stores, as well as online through the 7th Heaven website and Amazon (aff. link).


And women’s facial products are not all 7th Heaven offers! They also have a line of masks for men!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.