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A Beach Wedding Guide for the Bride

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Getting married on the beach is appealing for many reasons, among them being surrounded by nature and listening to the waves and wind sing their praises of your union. Instead of being held in a church or some other ornate indoor location, beach weddings depart from the norm.

There are certainly other sorts of outdoor weddings that can be quite as romantic, such as a garden wedding, but a beach wedding stands out for obvious reasons.

Here are some tips on planning your beach wedding.

beach wedding bride and groom

Know the weather

Googling the weather for the dates of your wedding is the most crucial first step you should take. A refreshing and pleasantly warm breeze are often felt on beaches at dusk once the sun has set, and temperatures have cooled down. Don’t forget to bring everything you need.

Hair and make up

Avoid thick and smokey makeup for your beach wedding look. When it’s hot outside, it might be difficult to keep your makeup from smudging or fading due to the extra sweating that occurs. Use a cosmetic setting spray or powder to keep your look flawless all day long.

Is there anything worse than having your hair fly around on a windy beach, adhering to the lipstick, and making you appear untidy? You may want to consider putting your long hair back with a nice clip or bobby pins if you want to keep it in place. Buns are the best way to keep hair out of your face and off your neck while still keeping it cool.

Know the right colors.

A casual, breezy look is ideal when you’re near water and the sand between your toes. Make sure you plan the right colors for everything from your flowers to bridesmaid dresses to decor. Darker hues and sweat-absorbent textiles may better conceal sweat than lighter shades and fabrics.

For a beach wedding, azure blue, turquoise, fuchsia, green, yellow, and pink are all great choices. Beach-themed patterns like stripes, polka dots, and vivid floral prints can also be used to get the desired beachy vibes, as well.

beach wedding aisle leading to canopy

Skip the veils

Your bridal veil may flutter if there is a sea wind nearby. For your safety, we also recommend not adjusting your veil every time a gust of wind blows through. As much as we all want to look stunning at our beach weddings with full headpieces, it’s more vital to focus on comfort and practicality than anything else.

Ditch the high heels.

While it may seem silly to wear shoes in the sand on your beach wedding day, your choice of shoes may be more crucial than you realize. You should avoid wearing stiletto heels because it will be hard to walk in them. To avoid discomfort, opt for gladiator sandals or ballet flats instead.

Bridal outfit

Online retailer Ombreprom specializes in low-cost beach wedding gowns. We have a variety of beach wedding dresses for sale online. For a beach wedding, dressy-casual wear is the most common. This means that beach weddings are more likely to have lighter fabrics and brighter colors.

Weddings on the beach are a great opportunity to wear bright, beach-themed attire, according to fashion experts. It’s preferable to wear light clothing that doesn’t stick to your body.

Nothing is as unsightly as sweat stains on a gown’s back and front. Many light and elegant fabrics may be found in the form of linen chiffon organza as well as cotton blends or lace.

Accessories to carry along.

After the sun goes down, the beach might become a little chilly, so bring a stylish stole, scarf, or pashmina to keep you warm after the beach wedding

Wrinkles, discoloration, milia, and a host of other skin problems may all be traced back to exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which is why wearing sunglasses is a must.

Your eyes will be protected from the damaging effects of sunshine if you wear sunglasses with UV protection.

bride and groom at sunset beach wedding


Planning your wedding is the most important thing as it helps you stay on budget, and everything works perfectly during the wedding. One of the most obvious benefits of having a beach wedding is the beautiful environment.

To begin a new life with your partner, the ocean will be the backdrop, with sunlight illuminating waves and the sea breeze bringing you both together in an idyllic location.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.