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Awesome Ways To Stay Fit Even As You Age

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As you get older, you need to start thinking about your health. It’s important that you don’t just let your health and fitness slip down the drain, as is so often the case. If this happens, then you will face a whole range of issues later in life. This could include severe physical conditions such as arthritis and even mental health issues such as dementia. Research has recently shown that people who live an unhealthy lifestyle are more likely to be affected by this type of condition. As such, it is always going to be in your best interest to watch your health. But it becomes increasingly important as you get older. You don’t want to be in a position where you lose your quality of life at just sixty. If this happens, you will lose out on what are supposed to be the best years of your life. Twilight years are the time when you should have enough money and freedom to do whatever you want. Don’t risk the chance of spending them stuck in bed, unable to live how you want. Start getting healthy today. Here are some easy ways to stay fit even as you age.

If you change your lifestyle now, you can avoid common aging health issues like middle age spread. A lot of people think that middle age spread is just a natural occurrence. It happens to everyone, doesn’t it? Well, if it does then there would be no slim, lean people over the age of fifty and there certainly are. Therefore, if you keep a good diet, you won’t have to worry about this issue.

People also think that back pains are another symptom of old age. But are they really or is the fact that the body hasn’t been exercised properly. As such, it’s not ready for the stresses that it feels when it starts to age. If you exercise when you’re younger, you can make your body strong and ensure you don’t experience the common issue of chronic back pain. As you can see then, eating right and living well could improve your quality of life significantly. You might be wondering where to get started. I think the best option is to start an exercise plan. You should do this long before you consider changing your diet. Ideally, you need regular exercise in your life from an early age. But it’s never too late to start.

Exercising In Old Age

ways-to-stay-fit-even-as-you-age-jogImage via Pixabay

Exercising as you get older can be tricky. When you’re young, you can do virtually whatever form of exercise you want, and your body will recover. You can lift weights to build muscle, you can run great distances, and you can even throw yourself out of an airplane. Your body will bounce back, as long as you remember to pull the chute. This isn’t the case in old age. Indeed, it’s true to say that you won’t even be able to go skydiving once you reach a certain age. Unless of course, you sign a waiver stating that anything that happens to you isn’t the fault of the company. This should tell you how common problems with strenuous forms of exercise are for the elderly. It puts pressure on the muscles, the bones, the joints and even the heart.

That’s why we need to think about gentler ways to exercise as we get older. One possibility that I recommend is yoga. Yoga is fantastic for the body and doesn’t put enormous amounts of strain on you. It has also been shown to have a positive impact on the mind as well as the body. The natural breathing exercises that occur throughout this form of exercise calm your mind, reducing the stress that you feel. It is often used as a form of psychological treatment as well as a physical exercise

You can also consider making the most of the fresh air. I wouldn’t bother heading to the gym once you reach a certain age. Instead, you can head out into the open and go for a run or a power walk. In fact, a power walk might be better because again, it puts less pressure on your limbs. Many people aren’t sure what the difference is between speed walking and jogging. One is certainly better for your body for a key reason. If you are jogging then at a certain point, both feet will be off the ground at the same time. While this will only last a split second, the force of your foot hitting the ground takes it’s toll on your joints. When you speed walk, you always have one foot on the ground and therefore, the strain is not as intense.

You can also try another low strain sport like cycling. Cycling can be hard work, particularly on steeper roads. But, you can purchase a lightweight bike that makes it easier. The main strain from cycling comes from pulling the heavy bike up the road. With a carbon fiber bike, this isn’t an issue. Although, you may need to spend quite a large portion of your pension pot to get one.

Elderly people will also benefit from aqua therapy and water sports. Again, this puts less pressure on muscles and the rest of the body. It has also been shown to be beneficial for people who experience chronic pain and other severe conditions. It has even been used as a controversial treatment for cancer pain relief. This should show the wide positive effects it can have on your body.

You should be able to complete all these sports activities long into your later years. If you are a fitness buff already, you may want to start thinking about when to make this transition. At a certain age, strenuous sports will be too much, no matter how fit you are.

Five A Day Keeps The Flu Away

ways-to-stay-fit-even-as-you-age-eat-wellImage via flickr

If you eat the right vitamins in your diet, you can strengthen your immune system. You might have seen this mentioned on the side of an orange juice carton. As you get older, your immune system grows weaker. Therefore it is important to do everything that you can to keep it functional. This is just one of the benefits that eating healthy can have on the body.

You might wonder what type of foods you should be eating. There are plenty of different choices here, but I recommend taking up the paleo diet. The paleo diet is a meal program high in protein that will strengthen your body and keep you fit. Again, this is important as you grow old. When you are older, your body gets weaker. Eventually, you will reach the point where a small fall could result in a fractured hip. It’s possible to avoid this if you eat right when you are young. You’ll build the strength of your body and your muscles, keeping them healthy even in the later years. The best part is that this diet won’t mean a bland menu for the rest of your life. You can eat things like tasty paleo bars that you’ll can either make yourself or find in your local store.

Aside from this, you just need to stay away from too much junk food and sweet meals. You don’t have to cut food like this out of your diet completely, but you should cut it down. Make meals like this a treat that you have once a week, a month and then finally, a year. Eventually, you’ll find that you don’t need them at all but don’t try going cold turkey. You may find that you’re actually addicted to unhealthy food. This is more common than most people realize.

Beating Off Bad Habits

ways-to-stay-fit-even-as-you-age-quit-smokingImage via Pixabay

It’s a lie to say that if you don’t smoke you won’t get lung cancer. Similarly, you can eat healthily and still die from heart failure. There is no sure-fire way to avoid health issues and conditions like this. You can smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and live till you’re 100. However, what is clear is that cutting bad things out of your life lowers your chances of succumbing to health conditions like this. As your immune system will be stronger, it also makes a recovery more likely.

As such, there are a few bad habits that you want to avoid. These are binge eating, chain smoking, binge drinking and binge watching. You may have noticed a pattern here and notice that I included binge watching too. Scientists have recently announced that sitting down for long periods of time is as bad for you as smoking. Anything in excess can have a negative impact on your health, and this is what you need to watch out for.

I hope you have found this advice useful. If you take it on board, you can look forward to plenty of healthy years later in life. Poor health conditions may become more common as we get older. But if we live right now, we can hold them off for as long as possible. We don’t have to kiss our health goodbye and instead we can live a great life until our time on this earth comes to an end.


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