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DIY Living Room Updates- Creative Ideas For Updating Your Living Room Décor

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Does your living room look dull and tired? Are you looking for ideas to spruce it up and are not sure where to begin? Well, today I’m sharing several creative DIY living room updates that will help bring some fresh life to your living space.

simple DIY living room updates to breath new life into your room

Add Symmetry

One quick and easy DIY living room update is to use your furniture or current decor to create some symmetry. You can create a symmetrical sensation with what you already have, or you can buy some new pieces that complement each other. Working in pairs is a smart way to create symmetry.

For example, place matching wall hangings on the opposite sides of your walls. Or place a pair of dining chairs on either side of a sideboard, or place two table lamps opposite each other for a chic look. Another tip for adding symmetry that also gives the illusion of added space is to place twin mirrors on opposite walls.

Bright and Warm Colors

Color is another simple DIY living room update idea. Dull colors can often make a room appear smaller than it is. These colors can also make your room look damp, uncomfortable, and uninviting. It is advisable to incorporate bright colors.

Ensure you paint your walls with bright colors like white and beige and cream. To maintain the look, make sure the color of your curtains, furniture, and lighting fixtures are bright as well.

Keep in mind, though, that while having bright colors will portray you as a clean person, these colors can easily reveal dirt. Therefore, fixtures and fittings with bright colors will need to be cleaned regularly.

Kitschy Collections

Another simple DIY living room update is to create unique wall hangings, shelf décor, and floor accents by combining items with the same characteristics into collections. A few good examples include teapots on a shelf, stacked suitcases, and straw hats on a wall.

Be sure to pay attention to the shapes and colors of items that are best suited for your living room décor as well. And keep in mind, it only takes a few objects to make a collection. Overdoing it will create clutter.

Kitschy collections also include picture frames and wall murals. There is an inexhaustible collection of wallpapers at that can help you dominate any big spaces that may make your living room look empty.

Another idea is to place different sizes of photo frames in a grouping on the wall. And don’t forget your ceiling. Add noticeable art designs on your ceiling that complements the walls and the décor of your living room.

Incorporate Wallpaper

Wallpapering is an art. And a simple DIY living room update that transforms the interior design of your living room. This is a stylish way to create an attractive living room that entices one’s eyes and creates peace of mind.

You could also use wallpaper to create a feature wall and draw one’s attention. For best results, ensure there are no rival focal points that your eye is drawn to. For example, hang the wallpaper behind a fireplace or TV to avoid having different focal points in the living room.

Add Plants

Adding potted houseplants in your living room is a super easy DIY living room update that will create a sensation of serene natural beauty. Plants should be placed at focal points in the room, like hanging them on the wall or placing them on the coffee table. Make sure you use plants that require minimal maintenance and are suited for indoor décor.

Ferns and succulents are twp low-maintenance options that look great. Just remember to take into consideration the environmental factors such as light when choosing plants. If you are in doubt, seek the guidance of the staff at a local nursery.

Improve Lighting

Improving lighting is another effective DIY living room update. You can improve the comfort of your living room with the appropriate combination of task, ambient, and accent lighting. Task lighting is meant for certain work zones. Ambient lighting ensures the room receives illumination, whereas accent lighting provides lighting for your living room accents.

Mixing your lighting creates dimension and helps tie the room together. For example, mix table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lighting, and recessed lights. Placing lighting correctly ensures there are no shadows and makes a room feel more spacious.

DIY Living Room Updates Conclusion

The living room is often the center of attraction in a home. It’s the area where you host your guests and one of the places you spend the most time relaxing. Therefore, it is important to ensure it has a soothing and welcoming décor.

Some of the easiest DIY living room updates include adding symmetry, using bright and warm colors, using kitschy collections, incorporating wallpaper, adding plants, and improving your lighting.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.