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More Humane Ways To Deal With Pest Control

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Wherever you live, you want to feel like your home is safe and secure. It’s where you can be secluded from the rest of the world, and if anyone disturbs your peace, it’s by your choice. Of course, this is how it is in an ideal world. Those of us who have had our peace disturbed without invitation would hasten to disagree. And it is true that as secure as you make your home, sometimes it’s imperfect. Especailly when it comes to pests and pest control.

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The worst case scenario is obviously human home invaders, in the form of burglars. They can, of course, make you feel unsafe in your own home, do damage and take away your property. People who have often been burgled don’t want to stay in that home anymore. This is understandable, because if it happens once you always worry it will happen again.

There are other types of invaders that can make a home feel uncomfortable. And although they may be less invasive than human beings with ill intent, they can make your life a misery all the same. I am of course talking about an infestation. It can be from something as small as termites or insects. It can be from something substantially larger, from rats up to creatures such as raccoons or possum.

Many people will advise you that there is one way to deal with these creatures: extermination. Set traps, kill the critters and destroy any nest they may have. There go the invaders; your home is safe from damage and the potential disease they may bring. Excellent news, right? Well, not everyone agrees. Have you never removed a spider from your home using a glass and a hardback book?

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It is possible to deal with an infestation using more humane means, allowing the invader to go away somewhere else. They get to live, but a significant distance away from your home. They won’t be gnawing your dry wall, leaving droppings in your cupboards or biting you while you shower. Human beings and pests can peacefully coexist. It’s just that sometimes you don’t want to share personal space.

If for example, you have had a problem with rats, you can organize for a humane rat control team to come and trap the offender or offenders. They will do this without harming the creature, take it away from your property and give it somewhere more appropriate to live. You’ll sleep easier at night. Partly because scratching and squeaking has been eliminated and partly because you don’t feel evil.

For some people, this may seem like a not very serious take on the subject, but it is serious. Of course, due to the health risks posed by living where rats are, you don’t want them around your home. But if you can remove them and leave them unharmed, why not?

If done correctly, the whole process will leave your home clean, safe and unattractive to any future invaders. What’s not to like about that? Better for the environment and better for you – it’s a solution that suits everyone.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.