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Kitchen Knife Sharpener by E-PRANCE: Keep Knives Sharp

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Kitchen Knife Sharpener: From Blunt to Razor Sharp in 4 Strokes

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A sharp knife is a cook’s best friend, and anyone who cooks knows that a dull kitchen knife not only makes it hard to cut through certain foods, it is also quite dangerous. This is because you have to use more pressure and force to cut through certain foods with a dull knife, and that makes it more likely for the blade to slip and cut you . In fact, dull knives are responsible for more injuries than sharp ones! That’s why my second essential kitchen tool is a knife sharpener.

knife sharpener image2

I’ve had multiple knife sharpeners since I’ve been cooking, and it wasn’t until recently that I found one I really like. Made by E-PRANCE, this innovative knife sharpener actually features 3 different stages: Emery, Wolfram Steel and Ceramic, and will sharpen your straight blades from blunt to razor-sharp in a matter of minutes.


When the E-PRANCE knife sharpener first arrived, I could tell as soon as I lifted it out of the box that it was a good quality sharpener. Not only does it have an aesthetically pleasing modern look, it also has a very nice weight to it and does not feel cheap at all. Made from durable ABS plastic, both the handle and the outer housing of the sharpener is coating in a non-slippery, almost rubberized-type coating that not only looks good, but is easy to clean, too.

knife sharpener handle

The ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in your palm, and finger grooves on the bottom side allow you to keep a firm grip during use.  Although placing it on a firm surface is the most ideal way to use this knife sharpener, I imagine that you could also use it while holding it in your hand. If you do choose to place it on a counter when using, rubberized grips on the ‘feet’ help to keep it firmly in place.

knife sharpener non slip feet

The sharpening assembly contains three slots including Emery, Wolfram Steel, and Ceramic. The first slot (the one closest to the handle) is the Ceramic slot. This one contains electroplated rods for use on ceramic knives. The middle slot contains Tungsten Carbide rods and is used for very blunt blades, while the third slot contains ceramic rods and is used for fine honing blades. 

knife sharpener close up of slots

Each slot is clearly labeled on the side, and all it takes it 1 to 2 single-direction strokes of the blade (never go back and forth) in each slot to get a super sharp knife. It also works in both directions so it doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed. 

knife sharpener assembly close up

Another feature I really like is that the sharpening assembly is removable. This makes it very handy for cleaning, or if you wanted to take it with you when hunting or fishing. It also clips securely back into the handle so no need to worry about it coming loose or popping out on its own. Also, the fact that the sharpening assembly is about 2.5″ up from the counter top is another bonus as I no longer have to worry about accidentally slicing my counter tops when sharpening a knife. 

knife sharpener assembly removed

I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical about the claim that this sharpener would take a knife from “blunt to razor-sharp in 4 strokes or less”. However, much to my surprise, when used correctly, it really does! 

A Note About Ceramic Knives

According to the manufacturer, this sharpener can be used for ceramic blades. I personally do not own a ceramic knife so I cannot say how well it works, although I would imagine it would work great as long as it is done correctly. I do know that sharpening ceramic knives is done a bit differently that a regular steel knife, so I would definitely recommend watching a video to learn the proper way to sharpen them in order to avoid chipping or breaking the blade. 

A Tip About Knife Sharpening

Not sure if your knife needs sharpening? Unsure if it is sharp enough? Do the paper test! Simply take a sheet of paper, hold it up in one hand, and with your other take the knife and try to cut downwards from the top edge of the paper.  A sharp knife will cut right through it, a dull knife won’t. 

knife sharpener in use

Now, ready for the best part of all? The price! Right now you can this E-PRANCE knife sharpener on Amazon for just $7.95! I realize that seems like an incredibly cheap price, and it may even make you think it isn’t that good, but I am here to tell you, it really works and it works well! So if you are looking for a great knife sharpener, take advantage of this deal while it lasts!

Buy It On Amazon Now!

Which kitchen tool do you find to be most important? Share with us below!

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