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The Drain Claw: An Easy and Environmentally Safe Solution for Clogs

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Do you live in an apartment or house that you lease?  Or do you own your own home?  Either way, how tired are you of having your tub and sink drains not drain quickly?   When you shower does the water start to fill up around your feet? And how about the bathroom sink filling almost to the rim when you wash your face before bed?  I know that I am sick of it, but I do not want to pour corrosive, toxic chemicals down my drains.  I have tried everything, from those horrid chemicals to baking soda and hot water, all without much success.

That is until I came across The Drain Claw!  What is that, you ask?  I’ll tell you.  I’m sure you have all heard of that lovely contraption plumbers use to unclog toilets and such? The snake?  Well, that is what this cool little tool reminds me of. It’s like a miniature snake that is meant to unclog your drains. And it works!

The Drain Claw in packaging


The Drain Claw was developed by a real estate investor in order to keep his drains open without having to use toxic and dangerous chemicals.  It is about 2 feet long, bendable and coated in black plastic to make it comfortable to hold. On one end is what looks like a small, bristled brush, and on the other is a little yellow cap so there is no pointed edges.  I found it works perfect if you leave that end kind of curled up to act as a handle.

The Drain Claw product  image


Did you know the number one cause of clogged drains is HAIR? Yep, that’s right, hair. People lose around 100 hairs a day, most of which while taking a bath or shower. Now, it’s true that some of those hairs will wash on down the drain, but the majority will get stuck in the crossbars at the drains’ opening or the bracket under the stopper.  That’s where this awesome little tool comes in handy!   For a tub drain, all you do is insert the Drain Claw into the drain, work it around the opening or stopper and give it a twist.  The Drain Claw will grab all those hairs and pull them right out!  Very simple!

For a sink drain, all you do is thread The Drain Claw down the drain using a twisting motion.  Once it is as far down as you can get it, pull it back out using the same twisting motion. It will fit right through the pop-up on the drain, and come back out just as easily. WARNING: if you have a weak stomach, let someone else do this;    especially if you rent a 25 year old apartment, because this Drain Claw really works!  I almost tossed my cookies when I saw what came out of our drain, in the sink, no less!   Those 100, small, interlocking hooks on the end of The Drain Claw?  They will push right through any old soap, toothpaste and other nasty grime, and grab any hair that is in that drain, along with anything else that might be caught up in it.  You will be amazed (or disgusted) at what comes out!  After our bathroom, it was time to do our son’s sink and tub; easy as pie!  Needless to say, after The Drain Claw, I bet we have the best draining drains in this complex!

The Drain Claw stick under drain cover


thread The Drain Claw into the drain

                                                PULL IT BACK OUT USING SAME TWISTING MOTION

The Drain Claw yucky stuff from drain


The only drawback to this I can see, is that what gets twisted around, has to be untwisted and pulled back off. Those little hooks grab very well, and it might take a minute or two to clean the Claw back off.  Really though, it is so worth it! No more buying those harsh, toxic chemicals that may or may not get all the hair and gunk out of your drains.  No more waiting for those chemicals to work, and worrying about where they go.  Nope, just use The Drain Claw and you are good to go!

You can find The Drain Claw on the website HERE . One will cost you $6.99, which is incredibly cheap when you consider how much chemicals cost;  especially since you will eventually run out and have to go buy more. The Drain Claw you can use over and over and over.  You can also buy The Drain Claw in multiple quantities for which you will get an even better deal.  Once you are on their site, check out all the helpful tips that are posted, as well as the article concerning the dangers of using drain cleaner chemicals.   Make sure you order one!  I promise you will wonder why you have never bought one before!




I received this product for free for the purpose of review. I have not been compensated in any other way, nor am I under contract with this company.  All of my opinions are my own.

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