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DIY Halloween Candy Ornaments

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Adorable DIY Halloween Candy Ornaments

One of my favorite parts of Halloween, aside from the candy of course, is the DIY Halloween crafts! This year I am even more excited for holiday crafts thanks to my new Cricut Explore Air! And these DIY Halloween Candy Ornaments are my first Halloween craft I made with my Cricut!

DIY Halloween candy ornaments Halloween crafting

If you missed my review of the Cricut Explore Air, you should really check it out! I am amazed at how easy it is to use, and how much it enables you to do! Below is one of the first crafts I made. They are super easy to make, and didn’t take long at all. And if you don’t have a Cricut, all you need is a black and a yellow permanent marker or some paint for the faces, and you can make them too!

DIY Halloween candy ornaments finished

These DIY Halloween Candy Ornaments can be used for decorations, classroom parties and even as goodies for Trick or Treat (if, of course, the parents know you)! And the best part is…they are inexpensive and easy!

DIY Halloween candy ornaments M&M pumpkin two

Ready to see how to make these adorable DIY Halloween Candy Ornaments? 

To get started you will need several clear, plastic ornaments, craft paint in green, white and black, your Cricut with some black self-adhesive vinyl and yellow self-adhesive vinyl (or permanent markers), and a bag of candy corn, M&M’s and some of those round, white cake decoration candies. Make sure you wash the ornaments with hot soapy water first. Swirl it around inside, rinse and place upside down on a rack to dry.

DIY halloween candy ornaments paint the ornament lids

Next, take the silver caps from the ornaments and paint them green for pumpkins, white for ghosts and black for werewolves, and allow to dry. Tip: use a paper clip to hold them while you paint them and while they dry!

Diy halloween candy ornaments cut faces using cricut

Create the faces using black vinyl for the pumpkins and ghosts, and yellow vinyl for the werewolves on your Cricut. I downloaded these faces directly from Cricut Design Space. Once the faces are cut, weed them and then apply to each ornament. If you don’t have a Cricut, simply draw some faces using paint or permanent markers. Tip: when applying the face to a rounded ornament, slightly bend the transfer paper and apply the middle part first. Then work your way smoothing to one side and then to the other side 

Diy halloween candy ornaments bend transfer paper when adding faces

Once you have the faces on, simply add the candy, replace the now-dry caps back on to the ornaments…

DIY Halloween candy ornaments ghost

…and you are done! Keep in mind that the candy corn are hard to get back out, but the M&Ms and the cake decorating balls came right out!

DIY Halloween candy ornaments werewolf

Easy as pie! Be sure to check back so you don’t miss my next Halloween craft project in a few days!

halloween candy ornaments

Want a Cricut for yourself? Visit the Cricut website where you can find all of the machines, tools and tons of fun crafts!

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What’s your favorite Halloween craft?



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Wednesday 7th of October 2015

You put a lot of work into these cute candy cups. I would use this for a party favor.


Wednesday 7th of October 2015

I'm so happy you like them! They really were not too hard once I got the hang of applying the vinyl! They were also a lot of fun to make!


Wednesday 7th of October 2015

Those are just way too cute! Thank you for sharing.



Wednesday 7th of October 2015

Thank you! They are so easy to make that kids can help, too!

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